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Online football betting Every day, play faster, more value, more security from our website

Online football betting

Online football betting Hanoi lottery or Vietnam lottery There will be a way of playing similar to Thai stock lottery and Thai underground lottery. The prize draw will be based on the Vietnamese number used in the prize draw. The prize will be divided into 3 top, 2 top-bottom and top-bottom runners Like our lottery ข่าวบอล

The prize will be issued at 6:00 pm every day in Thailand time. The way to check the Hanoi lottery is to bring out the last 3 numbers and the last 2 numbers of the รางวัลB prize. The top 3 and 2 top prizes and bring the last 2 numbers of the nhất prize to the bottom 2 numbers.

Online football betting

– Top 3 numbers: the last 3 digits of the prize, such as 142. If you win, you will receive 750 baht or 1: 750.

– 3 numbers, toot: means to predict the 3 numbers but alternate digits such as 142,124, 214, 241, 421, 412. If you win, you will receive a 120 baht or 1: 120 prize.

– Top 2 numbers: is the last 2 numbers of ĐB prizes. For example, if your name is 42, you will receive a prize of 90 baht or 1: 90.

– Top Running Numbers: If you run 3 or more top 3 numbers, is the single digit chosen by you matching the top 3 numbers 1, 4, 2 or not? If correct, will receive 3 or 1: 3 baht. ข่าวลิเวอร์พูล

– Bottom Running Numbers: Is the number exactly like at least 1 bottom 2 number. Will the single digit chosen match 2 bottom numbers 4 5? If won, will receive 4 or 1: 4 baht.

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